Great location, friendly staff, genuinely passionate about the art of soaring! Recommend highly for training or even just a pleasure flight. Awesome!

Tim McCormack

I came to Citrus Soaring to get my CFI-G.  It didn't take long for the impressions to build up.  First, the place was just like you'd hope to find, grass strip, well, grass everywhere, and very low key.  The best part of all were the people.  Everyone had that relaxed, unhurried, laid-back attitude that in a glider operation gets things done efficiently and safely.  Both Kyle, my instructor, and Franklin, the DPE, were excellent examples of how flight instructors should behave.  I learned a lot about how to teach that went way beyond the books.  They happen to be good people too and made this challenging experience a lot of fun.  I highly recommend Citrus Soaring for attaining any glider rating or to just go visit a great glider operation.

Robert Griffith

I had a great experience with Citrus Soaring. Franklin Burbank and his team are very professional and their operation is the most efficient operation I have ever seen.

I arrived on SAT 09:15 at the airfield and Franklin and his team were already waiting with glider, towing plane, Instructor, towing Pilot and ground team everything ready to go and that happened every day in the same manner.

The flight training was very well timed with ground training in between.  I also do like the dedication of each of the team member, they are real glider and aviation lovers and it was a great pleasure to work with them,  . I went for my glider commercial and glider CFI and had to go for a written test. Citrus team has also managed the slot for the written test at ERAU test center and the whole training was perfectly matching with everything I was told. I was very well trained and prepared and successfully passed my two Check-Rides and written test. A big thank you to Citrus Soaring ,Franklin and his Team for managing everything so well, you are great guys.


Hubert Trunzer

I had an amazing experience with flying with Citrus Soaring, and without a doubt they laid a solid foundation for all my future CFI accomplishments. While working at NASA for the summer, I aspired to earn my glider CFI rating; although I was a rated power and glider pilot, it was still a daunting task to accomplish on such a limited timeframe. 

Every weekend, as soon as I arrived at the field, I would pull out my notebook and sit down with Janie Burbank. She proceeded to put me through 4 to 8 hours of a graduate-level ground school on becoming a flight instructor! After covering ground material, it was time to hop in the sailplane with Franklin and practice in the air. Franklin was just as fun, professional and focused in the air as Janie was on the ground. Evenings in the waning sunlight were spent grilling out and reviewing the days flying. 

The culmination of all this training  and effort was the successful completion of 3 checkrides in 36 hours with Bob Burbank as the DPE. I left the Space Coast that summer with newly minted commercial glider, CFI-G, LSA-CFI, and LSA-CFIG ratings. The people of Citrus soaring made this possible, and not only did they see that I was fully trained, but also made it a fun and rewarding experience.

Brett Pearce

Thank you Citrus Soaring Club for a great experience training for my commercial and CFI glider licenses. I'm glad to have had the chance to learn from the Burbank family's wealth of flight training experience, and your well-maintained classic Schweizer gliders are a pleasure to fly. I'll be suggesting your efficient and thorough training to any friends thinking about a glider rating.

 Doug Eatman

What our clients are saying about us!

Citrus Soaring was a great club to help me finish my CFI-G. When I arrived on Tuesday, Franklin had the ground crew ready, the tow plane fueled, and the glider assembled. We took two flights on Tuesday followed by some ground school. On Wednesday morning, we completed my required minimum 15 PIC hours for the rating to include all PTS maneuvers and Wednesday afternoon I took the checkride. Citrus Soaring not only provided great training, but they helped me meet my goals and were very economical. I am very pleased with the services they provided.

Fly safe!

Robert "Bootcamp" Schapiro

I had my first experience in a glider with Franklin and it was nothing short of amazing. He and his team were awesome and made me feel right at home. If you are looking for a great place to get instruction or even your first flight, this is the place to be.
Doron C.

Citrus SoaringLLC