Citrus SoaringLLC

Hawk    This ride is great for anyone that would like a little extra flight time. It includes a tow to 4,000ft and lasts approx. 20-25 minutes.                                                                                     $145+tax 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to soar with the eagles and experience the same sights they do?

"Gliders, Sailplanes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird."

-Neil Armstrong

We are very lucky to share "our" airspace with a couple of families of bald eagles in the skies above Pierson, in fact it's fairly common to fly close enough to them for some great pictures!

On all of our rides you will be flying with one of our experienced FAA certified flight instructors. Your pilot will show you the beautiful scenery above Volusia county while searching for thermals

(rising air currents) just like the eagles and hawks. Your pilot will also allow you to try the controls if you would like too! We now offer the option to upgrade rides into our high performance 2-32. High Performance Rides are listed at bottom of page

High Performance ​  We now offer the option to upgrade any of our rides into our high performance glider. Our Schweizer 2-32 feels like your strapping into a fighter jet and offers amazing views from its huge bubble canopy. Due to its sleek design and higher performance, rides will last slightly longer in this glider.

​3,000ft                            4,000ft                          5,000ft

$135+tax               $175+tax              $215+tax

Eagle   This ride is our most popular ride. Offering a spectacular view from 5,000ft above the ground. On a clear day you can see the Atlantic and Gulf Coast beaches and everything in between. This flight lasts approx. 30-40 minutes                                          



Falcon   This ride is a perfect intro to soaring. It includes a tow to 3,000ft and lasts approx.  15-20 minutes