​N9785P Piper Pawnee 260

"85P"is a Pi​per PA-25-260 Pawnee featuring a constant speed prop and a 260 hp Lycoming O-540. This combination makes "85P" one of the strongest towplanes in the country. "85P" is a common sight at glider contests in the southeast and routinely leads the pack for quickest tows. "85P" is also known everywhere as "Sylvester" 

N1175S SGS 2-32

N1175S is a Schweizer 2-32 and was built in Elmira NY. The 2-32 was designed to be the highest performance two-place glider available, when it first flew in 1962. The 2-32 has been used as a tourist glider, trainer, cross-country and high-altitude sailplane and has set many US and world records 

N1229S SGS 2-33A

"Peppermint Patty"is a Schweizer 2-33A and was built in Elmira NY. When the Schweizer brothers designed the 2-33 they wanted to insure that the glider could handle the duties of a trainer and they succeeded! The 2-33 is one of the best training gliders ever built and has trained thousands of pilots in the art of soaring.

Citrus Soaring Aircraft

We are proud to offer the following aircraft for flight training and also rental for students and rated pilots.

N777TW Cessna 172xp

"TW" is a Cessna 172xp was designed to be a high performance version of the already proven C-172. Featuring a 210hp engine and a constant speed prop it makes for a great airplane. As a result it makes for a great towplane as its easy to fly, climbs great, and a high cruise speed allowing fast retrieves for those cross country guys that land at other airports.

*not available for rental


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