Hunter Stuckey

​Hunter learned to fly in his families Piper J3 Cub. He first started flying gliders with us in 2004. Currently Hunter flies 747's including the Dreamlifter and has over 10,000 hours. When he isn't flying the big birds you will find him at Pierson towing gliders, or soaring any chance he gets. He is always looking to share his love for glider flying with anyone he can.

Pat Good

Pat took his first flight with Franklin in one of the Citrus Soaring Club's 2-33's at the age of 11 years old. He then proceeded to solo at the age of 14 in that same glider. Since then Pat has received his Commercial and Flight Instructor Glider Certificates. He also holds a Private Single Engine rating and is working on adding additional ratings. Pat enjoys giving rides, teaching, and towing for Citrus Soaring. When he isn't flying with us he is probably traveling around the southeast competing in soaring contests!

Kyle Pack

Kyle started flying at the age of 13, after moving to the Daytona Beach area in 2008, he took up flying gliders, and earning his Commercial and Glider Flight Instructor Certificates soon after. Kyle also is a Certified Flight Instructor in Instrument, Single and Multiengine Airplanes. When Kyle isn't flight instructing or towing for Citrus Soaring, he is busy with his own business Pack Flight Services which is our partner for airplane flight training. In 2016 the FAA selected Kyle to become an FAA DPE for gliders and airplanes.

Janie Burbank

Janie started flying when she was 16 and is a Commercial, Flight Instructor in Airplanes and Gliders. In addition to flying single and multiengine airplanes both land and sea, Janie has flown airplanes on skis and is one of very few "civilian" pilots to have flown the Goodyear blimp! Janie has retired from towing gliders after doing over 20,000 tows, but she still enjoyed teaching students the fine art of soaring! We unfortunately lost Janie in June of 2015 but she still watches over the business from above. ~ Blue Skies and Tailwinds

Bob Burbank

 In 2009, Bob was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award recognizing 50 years of safe flight. He is a Commercial Flight Instructor in Airplanes, Helicopters, Instrument, Balloons, and Gliders. He is rated in Single & Multiengine Land & Sea, Helicopter, Balloon, Glider, and has a DC-3 type rating. Bob is also an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for over 30 years Gliders and Light Sport Airplanes. He served as the Chief pilot for Citrus Soaring Club until passing the title on to his son Franklin in 2007. We unfortunately lost Bob in April 2016, he is once again with his wife Janie as the both look down on us from above. Blue Skies and Tailwinds

Meet our Staff

Citrus Soaring Club was founded by Bob and Janie Burbank originally in Vermont in 1967. In 1973 they decided that it would benefit the business to relocate to Florida so they could fly the sailplanes year round. Citrus groves where the big business in central florida at the time, and as a result when flying high above the state you could smell the orange blossoms, hence the name Citrus Soaring Club. Citrus Soaring Club has been in operation for 50 years making it the longest continuously run soaring operation in Florida!

Al Peterson

​Al began flying at the age of 16 and by the time he was 20 years old he was flying the F-86 for the national guard. He then flew for United Airlines for 30 years. Al began flying gliders with us in 2010 and has a true love for flight in its purest form. He loves sharing the sport with everyone at the gliderport and is a common sight in our towplanes.

Powell Stone

Powell started flying gliders at the age of 17 at the world famous Harris Hill located in New York. Powell quickly climbed the ranks at Harris Hill and became the operations manager. He is currently attending Embry Riddle where he added all of his power ratings. Powell has a great passion for flight instructing, when

he isn't instructing you will most likely find him in the towplane.

 He also enjoys competition soaring and just recently competed in the first U.S. Junior Nationals located in Texas. 

Franklin Burbank

Franklin has spent his entire life in aviation and flying gliders including his first ride in a glider at the age of two weeks old. He is a Commercial, Flight Instructor in Airplanes and Gliders. Franklin is also rated in seaplanes and is working on adding additional ratings to his pilot certificate. Franklin took over the title of Chief Pilot for Citrus Soaring  in 2007 and has done thousands of instructional flights in gliders, and thousands of tows since. In 2012, He was appointed by the FAA as one of the youngest Designated Pilot Examiners for Gliders and Light Sport Airplanes in the country! 

Nick Rumplik

Nick took his first flight in a glider at 13 years old and has been hooked ever since.  He quickly started working the line at the Gliderport to trade for flight lessons, first soloing at 14 with an inflight rope break at 800 ft., and then earning his private certificate at 16.  After graduating from UCF, Nick added airplane ratings and now holds a glider and airplane flight instructor certificate and working to finish his CFII.  When not flying, Nick can be found on the water; fishing, skiing or sailing

​Lynda Laberge

Lynda learned to fly in a Piper J-3 Cub and progressed through all of her ratings. She flew King Air's and Diamond Jets for her charter company. Lynda affectionately  known as the "Tow Diva"and her Pawnee 85P (aka "Sylvester") have always been a regular sight at all of the sailplane contests in the southeast. We are now blessed to have added 85P to our family and also having Lynda join our family! Our soaring community can be assured that both the "Tow Diva" and "Sylvester" will continue to be a regular sight in the skies above gliderports everywhere!

Citrus SoaringLLC

Zach Kessler

Zach always has had a love for flying, his father was a pilot and they would share flights together. His father later surprised him with a flying lesson for his birthday, and he hasn't looked back since. He is currently attending Embry Riddle University located in Daytona. Soaring is a form of flying that fascinates Zach. He holds all of his glider ratings including glider flight instructor and is working on his airplane flight instructor. Zach's passion for aviation is quickly noticed by his students or anyone he meets at the gliderport.